How long does the probate process take?


 How does probate begin & end?



 Probate frequently takes at least 7 to 9 months to complete the process, often a year to 15, 18 months or even longer. If the Will is being contested, probate can drag on for even longer – sometimes taking several years. Some probate scenarios take 2 years or more. Many issues affect the probate time frame – for example the size of the estate, locating beneficiaries listed in the Will, validating the Will, and appointing an executor to the estate if there is no Will to refer to.


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Stella Bonin, CPRES, BBS, CSP, SFR

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CPRES: Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

BBS: Business Broker Specialist

CSP: Certified Short Sale Professional

SFR: Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource


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