Simple Home Updates to Make This Year

Besides reconsidering your eating & drinking habits, dusting off your work-out equipment, and other shores around the home the new year is a fresh opportunity to give a new look to your home. 

In the spirit of the new year, these simple tips to refresh your home without any serious rearranging and expenses can help you to look to the new year in a positive way. 

New Bedding. There’s nothing better than fresh, clean sheets for a restorative new year, You can choose different fabrics and colors that adjust to your lifestyle from luxury silk to warm flannel sheets without spending a fortune.

Adding a faux fur throw to your sofa will give a luxurious feeling and will help create a cozy environment.

Low Maintenance Plants. You don’t have to have a green thumb to freshen up your spot with plants. “Your blood pressure will go down just walking into the room,” Mann explains. “Try a low maintenance option like an indestructible peace lily or a few small pots of green leafs indoor plants.”

Renew and paint. Never underestimate what a new bright coat of paint can do for a tired piece of furniture, If you’re looking for something even bolder, use wallpaper on the inside of a bookshelf or to make drawers pop.

Clean Out the Pantry. The recommendation is repackaging food in glass canisters for a pretty, clean look. Check for the expiration date on the canned food.

Make Use of Baskets and Bins. Basket and Bins will help you to hide stuff for a better look of the room. There are so many beautiful, inexpensive woven baskets in all different sizes and colors on the market that will take your decoration to a new level.

Upgrading Your Bath Accessories Details can make a difference. You have many choices between glass, ceramic and other materials that will make your bathroom look totally different.

Eliminate Plastic Cleaning Accessories instead use wooden dish brushes, mops, and metal buckets. 

Pillows Switching out decorative accessories with the seasons is an easy way to update a room. Also, ad some flowers to give a final look and your home will be warm and inviting.

Thinking about buying or selling? Contact me for more tips and information about getting your home ready to sell.

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